Eat Green VLC

We help you calculate your meal's CO2 footprint

Eat Green VLC is aiming to raise awareness about the impact of food consumption on the planet!


We are supernovaWatermelon, a multicultural student group! In our innovative carbon calculator, you may type in the ingredients and their amount in any recipe and our program will tell you exactly how much carbon your meal releases into the atmosphere. This way, you can see the impact different meal choices have on the environment. We hope to inspire people to make wiser choices and still eat delicious food, by providing great local shops in Valencia that sell organic and healthy ingredients as well. For inspiration, we have included a few low-carbon, healthy, and quick recipes on our website.

Since 1970, carbon emissions have increased by 90%, with one of the top five contributors being agriculture and consumption. In 2018, 9.3 trillion tons of carbon were released worldwide in agriculture. Beef, and other meats and animal products carry the highest carbon footprint as the animals require not only space, but also food themselves, water, and transportation. Healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives are in existence, and yummy meals can be made with low-emission vegetables, tofu, and grains.